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Estimated Launch Sales for Tengah Plantation Loop EC by Developer

Tengah Plantation Loop EC is one of the latest developments in Sentosa. It features 495 residential units on 5 private sites, a car-free town centre, and Smart-enabled homes. The EC is expected to go on sale in the fourth quarter of 2019.

495 residential units

Tengah Plantation Loop EC is a new EC that is set to launch in December 2018. The development will feature 495 residential units on a campus of more than one hectare. The project will be a smart eco-friendly neighbourhood where residents will be able to enjoy a high quality of life. The project will also be near two MRT stations, a polyclinic, and a number of educational institutions.

Located near the Yishun MRT station, Tengah Plantation Loop EC will have a car-free town centre, dedicated planting areas, and a 100-meter-wide Forest Corridor. The project is slated to be completed in December 2022, but plots are still not on sale yet. The developer has said that the project will be eco-friendly, which is good news for those who have to commute to work. The EC is also expected to have a bike path and walking paths, which will make the environment more conducive for living.

5 private residential sites

The developer expects the Tengah Plantation Loop Executive Condo project to launch at least 495 units. Its location close to the Jurong Region Line and two upcoming MRT stations is a great selling point, as it offers excellent accessibility. There is a proposed metro station nearby, and the development will be just minutes’ walk from the future town center.

The development is expected to launch in 2023. The estimated launch sales of the project range from $390,000 to $350,000 per unit. ECs are typically launched 15 months after the developer completes foundation works. The current land rate is around $650 per square foot, and the highest bidder could bid between $241.2 million and $261 million.

Walk to car-free town center

Located near a planned MRT station and shopping mall, Tengah EC offers convenient connectivity. This new development will feature a pedestrian-friendly town centre, bicycle paths, and a large variety of retail and dining options. This project also provides great connectivity to the rest of the city, making it an ideal location for families and individuals.

Residents of the new project can walk to the town centre in less than 30 minutes. In addition, the development will be near the Jurong Innovation District, which aims to become a world-class advanced manufacturing hub. The project also features a 100-metre-wide Forest Corridor and dedicated planting areas.

Smart-enabled homes

In the near future, the EC in Tengah Plantation Loop is set to launch. It is the first HDB-built district in the town and will feature a peaceful environment for homeowners. It will also have amenities such as the Forest Fringe, a 20-meter wide linear green, as well as a recreational passageway. The development will eventually have 10,000 units spread across 90 hectares.

The town’s first smart town, Tengah EC will bring new recreational and living options for its residents. Situated three-quarters the size of Punggol, this town will be home to a wide array of amenities, including a car-free town centre. The development will also have comprehensive communal facilities that will benefit residents for years to come.

Community farmways

The EC in Tengah Plantation Loop is set to be one of the first ECs in over 20 years. This new development will be near the new Bukit Batok MRT station and the future car-free town centre. Its location is ideal for a range of commuters, as it is located just off Bukit Batok Rd and is close to many other amenities.

The EC is set on a 1.77ha site and is closest to Chinese Garden MRT station on the East West Line. The developer has plans to develop the site into Singapore’s first car-free town. The site also has two school plots within walking distance of the development. However, the URA has not revealed the exact location of these plots yet. The Pioneer Primary school is expected to move into the project in 2025.

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